The Ultimate VW Camper Beer Cooler


This is just amazing. Everyone should have one for their garden, the beach or for taking to VW festivals to amaze your friends.

And can we assume that this picture was part of a Corona photo shoot?

If you know where we can get one of these, please tell us in the comments box below.

If you like keeping your beer cool in a VW style, you might also like this VW Bus Fridge.

Image via @alex_cdk on Twitter

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Comments 4

  1. Re the photo of the campervan beer cooler, I recently saw them for sale at Heighlygate Gardern Centre just north of Morpeth in Northumberland. The coolers are made in Vietnam and if I remember correctly were about £500!

    1. Profile photo of Gordy
  2. These are over priced pieces of thin-tin-metal!!(dont get me wrong they look good,but wont last a season).
    A garden centre is selling these for £550, not worth no more than £100..
    These BBQ Campervan Fire’pits on Facebook are so much more Radical and useful, Ice-Bucket, BBQ, Wood burner/Fire’pit, or Garden/Beach Ornament, your choice, these will out last any other burners…
    Check them out here….

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