1952 VW Transporter: Rescued – after 49 years in a field

… but one enthusiast claims he’ll have it back on the road within 5 years.

We’ve seen some tough “projects” before but this one might a little bit tricky. Devoid of an engine and missing a side door, some front bodywork and a portion of its floor, this VW was discovered in a field in Norway where it had been resting for over 49 years. Registered in 1952, it was subsequently scrapped in 1963 when it was put out to pasture in the Norwegian countryside area of Indre Østfold.

One man though is intent on bringing it back to its former glory and has set himself a time frame of 5 years to pull it off.

He says “Those who found it claimed to have seen the remains of one of the side door in the grass somewhere around there, and I’ll try to find.”

But if and when completed, this could be one of the oldest models preserved.

So, get yourself a plane ticket. There may be more out there!

Source: TV2 Norway

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