Driving the Volkswagen Kombi – Review

Got £14,800 to spare? Live in Brazil? Then be quick and you can snap one of these up.

Motoring publication Autocar got it’s hands on a Volkswagen Kombi, still being built in Brazil (though not for much longer) and yours for a cool 48,150 Real or £14,800 in real money. They aren’t really very complimentary about the Kombi, saying that the steering feels like it’s not actually connected to the wheels and the gearbox is more of a random number generator. But owning one of these, or it’s more classic mothers and fathers, isn’t about such trivial issues.

However, they do conclude with the following quote which sums up our feelings:

The Kombi is perhaps the last one of the true classics you can buy new. When it’s finally driven off to the museum, it’ll be sorely missed.

For more pictures and the complete review, Click Here

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