Hot Wheels VW Bus

This is a great Hotwheels VW Bus model designed and created by Jon Burgerman aka Doodlesplatter. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Jon customized a 1:18 die-cast scale Hot Wheels Volkswagen Bus for TOYS, a pop surrealist exhibit put on by Gallery 1988. The show took place in April 2005 with proceeds from the art benefitting the Children Affected by AIDS foundation. Jon’s VW bus was parked amongst customs by Greg Simkins and Bwana Spoons. Each Volkswagen bus was priced between $300 and $5,500.

“This exhibit exemplifies how the magic of toys not only inspire us at a young age, but remain a form of inspiration in our adult years,” said Richard Dickson, senior vice president, Marketing, Media & Entertainment Worldwide, Mattel Brands. “Mattel is home to some of the most popular and beloved toy brands and we’re honored to have the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels commemorated through this one-of-kind custom art form.” [via Reuters]

Source: Doodlesplatter

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