Make Your Own VW Camper

These are amazing and certainly better than the VW Camper Cutout we feature some time ago. This is such a cool set of products that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids and seeing as we are big kids, we are ordering a couple.

These are the creations of Cutout-n-Keep who’s produce detailed replica paper craft models for you to construct yourselves. You can get your hands on one of these to stick together in the comfort of your own home for just £2 which will get you a blank bus to design yourself, or £3 for one of their pre-designed models.

Each one is painstakingly designed and with some simple folding and some glue, they are easily put together.

There are so many different designs to choose from and their Icon Collection features buses from Just Kampers and Cool Flo Vintage.

To view the complete range and purchase your own, visit the CutOut-n-Keep Website. You can also see more of their products on their Facebook page.


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