Retro Advert. That’s About The Size of It

The special paint job is to make it perfectly clear that our station wagon is only 9 inches longer than our sedan.

Yes it carries almost 1 ton of anything you like (About twice as much as you can get into wagons that are 4 feet longer)

Or eight solid citizens, with luggage.

Or countless kids, with kid stuff.

The things you never think about are worth thinking about too.

You never worry about freezing or boiling, the rear engine is air cooled.

You can expect 24 miles per gallon and about 30,000 miles on your tyres.

And you can forget about going out of style next year, next year’s model will look the same.

The most expensive VW Station Wagon costs $2,655. It comes in red and white or grey and white or green and white.

And you won’t ever have to go around painting sedans on it to show how small it is.

Just Park.


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