The Green Retrofit

Might save some money but does cost a bit to do though

Green car show Ecovelocity decided it needed a new vehicle or 2 to help promote their annual event. But, instead of opting for a Toyota Prius or other such hybrid, they decided to retrofit a 1980’s VW Camper Van.

The retrofit included modern hybrid engines, automatic stop/start control and thermal management systems along with the, obvious, green paint job.

However, before you rush out to do this to your camper, you will need quite a bit of money as Ecovelocity founder, Giles Brown, explained:

“With a potential price tag of tens of thousands of pounds to undertake all this work, you’d have to be very serious indeed about going green. But what we want to show is how it is possible to make both cars eligible for free road tax (VED Band A), increase their performance and even enhance their safety features.”

For more on this story, click here (Energy Saving Trust)

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