Tips to make holidaying with the kids hassle-free

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Family holidays should be the highlight of your year. The chance to get everyone in the same place at the same time enjoying quality time together away from the stresses and strains of every day life.

But if you don’t plan properly, a family holiday could become a nightmare, leaving you more stressed at the end than you were at the start. Here, VW Camper Rentals ( lets us into a few holidaying secrets.

As we approach the summer holidays, parents are faced with having to entertain their kids for six (or sometimes more) weeks. One popular tactic is arranging a family holiday to pass the time.

For some, jumping on a plane is the solution – sandy beaches and blue seas will keep the kids entertained whilst mum and dad also get a much-needed rest.

For others, a week’s camping is a family tradition.

Here at VW Camper Rentals we have seen a notable increase in the number of families renting campervans and holidaying in the UK, travelling from tourist hotspot to hotspot.

We think this is an idea type of holiday if you have kids. Here are our top tips if this is your plan!

  1. Take a selection of clothes
    The UK is known for its unpredictable weather, so even if you’re heading off at the height of summer, take with you some warm clothes, waterproofs and wellies just in case.
  2. Book activities in advance
    Theme parks, beaches and campsites will become busy in school holidays and you might end up spending more time queuing than enjoying your break.
  3. Do your research
    Make sure you do some research into the area to which you’re travelling, noting the location of the local hospital, petrol stations, supermarkets and pharmacies. Vans don’t have sat nav so a road map of the area is also worth having
  4. Plan your overnight stays 
    It is a myth that you can park up anywhere overnight. Make sure you have selected a range of campsites where you can safely pull in for the night. Some campsites are closed November – March so do your research and don’t end up with nowhere to stay and rest.
  5. Get an induction
    A campervan is not like a car. It drives differently and it has lots of different features that you may not know how to use. Don’t find yourself stressed because you can’t figure out how to work something – ask for a full induction from the hiring company and ask as many questions as you can think of before you head off.
  6. Take plenty of entertainment
    Of course the places you will be visiting are the focus of your holiday, but there will be times when you need to entertain yourself such as when you’re stuck in traffic. Don’t go stir crazy, take a range of light items such as books, playing cards, ipads and handheld DVD players to keep everyone busy and stress-free.
  7. Pack the essentials 
    Taking a holiday in a campervan is not like a hotel, they don’t come with items like towels or bedding. Make sure you find out in advance exactly what equipment your camper has as standard and pack accordingly.

Hiring a campervan also offers those peace-of-mind extras which only parents will appreciate.

  1. Unlike camping, the weather doesn’t affect sleeping arrangements. Even if it is pouring down with rain you know that the kids can be tucked up somewhere warm and dry.
  2. Plane and car travel puts restrictions on the amount of kids ‘stuff’ you can take. A campervan is like a tardis – the kids can take all sorts of games and their favourite things to keep them entertained when the drive gets boring.
  3. And they can get to that stuff, enjoying it whilst on the journey and so adding to the fun of the holiday.
  4. All parents will appreciate the added bonus that the kids can go to the toilet whenever they want – no more stopping on the side of the road or having to find a toilet whilst in the middle of an activity.
  5. The campervan itself can add to the fun of the holiday, whether it’s a quirky traditional bug with lots of personality or a California with a bed in the roof which they have to climb up a ladder to get to – much more interesting than a tent.
  6. And of course one of the main reasons why a campervan holiday is ideal for children – variety. No more getting bored of the same place and the same activities, you can literally drive off to somewhere new whenever you fancy a change. Just make sure you call ahead to your intended campsite to make sure they have room for you!
  7. It doesn’t have to cost the earth – the campervan is your travel and your accommodation all rolled into one. Campsite pitches aren’t expensive and there are thousands of places you can head to in a campervan where kids can have a ball without spending loads.

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